""  A Foundation For Your Dreams "

Jim Lunnie Concrete Construction

Filling all your concrete foundation and floor needs including:
Slabs, Sidewalks, Retaining Walls Truck Scale Bases.

We are the Northeast's pioneer in radiant heat tubing preparation and
retrofitting any project for radiant heat.

We can also handle your light excavation needs.

We travel throughout New England to take care of your concrete projects.

foundation with interior footings foundation with radiant tubing

Foundation is formed and ready to be poured. Note
the interior footings to support carrying beams.

Concrete being poured over radiant tubing. Concrete mass will
evenly distribute heat throughout the lower level of the house.

foundation with drainage styrofoam block system

Footings laid in a continuous pour on crushed stone giving
foundation stability and proper drainage avoiding a wet basement.

ICF Styrofoam blocks forming up a complete house.
Foundation and house can be poured on one continuous pour.

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